London Here We Come

19 Jul

We had a pleasant trip to the airport meeting Sydni, Scott and the kids at their place and jumping into Dave the limo drivers SUV. Dave has been driving us to and from the airport for over fifteen years now and it was nice to see him again after all these years. The plane was lit beautifully and Jeff and I were excited to have the seats by the door for that extra foot room. Things were great. I smiled at the attractive older African American lady sitting behind me. She was a real African American, maybe not even American. She was clad in a beautiful pink floral dress with yellow splashes, very vibrant and colorful. “How sweet.” I thought to my self as I settled into my seat. How sweet would soon be changed to WTF! I put my seat back and quickly felt a swift, blunt kick in my back. I must have been imagining it? How could that sweet old lady be so strong. It must have been an accident.  So after raising my seat I pushed it back again. WTF? Again she kicked the back of my seat only this time harder. I stood up and very nicely said, “I’m sorry but I need to put my seat back.” Through a nasty sneer she said, “You’re annoying me”. Long story short, after a few times of repetition I waited for the stewardess to be standing next to me, I repeated the action. She was shocked at what she witnessed and very politely told the woman to just put her seat back and it wouldn’t be a bother.  Peace at last. I couldn’t sleep very well on the seat but since we were in the emergency row, and I was small, I got on the floor, put my legs under Jeff’s, covered myself with the blanket and rolled myself into a ball. I slept disguised as a bag for five hours before the stewardess realized I was a human and asked me to please get up because of safety.

We landed at 3:00 pm. But by the time we got through customs and got our bags it was 5:00 pm. 6:30 by the time we got to our Air B&B.  And the journey begins.