Don’t Bug Me… PLEASE!

18 Aug

I’m sitting in our trailer up in the mountains near Idyllwild wondering how this all happened? We came home from London happy to be home. We said our hello’s to Kathy and Molly. Told them how much we appreciated them staying with Bubby and they took off and we shared some of our trip with my mom. By the time 9:30 rolled around we were exhausted. It felt great to hit our very own comfortable bed. “Home, there’s no place like home” I thought as I dozed off. It was midnight when I heard Jeff yell. “Saba get up!” I thought it was an earthquake the way he yelled. I’m not sure if I wish it had been instead of what it was. Our bed was filled with bed bugs and there were a few on me. I’d never seen a bed bug and couldn’t believe we could have them. It was horrible. I had always associated bed bugs with poverty and uncleanliness. Man was I wrong! I slept on the couch and Jeff slept in his office that night. As soon as we woke up I called Sydni and we got Bubby out of the house. The rest of that week was a blur of learning all about those things and calling different companies to help us.

I had been breaking out and itching for the past few weeks. After tracing everything I had taken the only new thing in my life was the toothpaste I had created.  The dermatologist and I just figured I was having an allergic reaction to Sulphur. As awful as the next week was I was happy to finally get to the bottom of what I was really having a reaction to. The next night they found me on the couch. I got up in the middle of the night and slept in my car. It seems those little suckers find a host and I was it. They had waited patiently for my return from London. We decided to go with Orkin, but they couldn’t be at the house until Tuesday.  It seems we had two choices throw out all of our furniture and have service for three months or tent the house and kill everything which would allow us to keep all our stuff.  They told us how to take care of the clothes we wanted to have for a while and so we did that. I was so frustrated and sleep deprived by Thursday and living in a tourist town we couldn’t find a hotel near the house that wasn’t booked up. Krista (my stepdaughter) found us a place and booked it for Thursday and Friday. We stayed there at night and packed up all the food and things that had to be bagged for the tenting. On Saturday we went up to stay in the trailer at Silent Valley. It took us three days to unwind from the experience but after that we had a wonderful week of rest.

We found out that bed bugs are an epidemic right now and were told that 60% of all homes had them. I always say everything happens for a reason. Not quite sure what this one is yet.