The Stonehenge Fiasco

16 Aug

We were all excited to see the famed, Stonehenge. We decided to rent two cars since there were eight of us. Jeff and I were to be in the car with Flower and her boyfriend Jack and Sydni, Scott, Kennedy and Dakoda in the other. We left the house at 10:00 am. Knowing it would take us around an hour and a half to get there, we figured it would be 11:00 am by the time we got back with the cars. Jack is use to driving on the wrong side of the road (as we say), Syd or Scotty (being daring) would be the other driver. Our picnic sandwiches were made, drinks were packed, my health bars were in my purse, phones were charged, everything was planned perfectly.


We would have been on time too, except one block out of the rental agency Sydni misjudged and hit a curb not only blowing out the tire but crunching the rim. So, long story short we wound up getting a different car and took off on our journey. Most of the time we went 10 miles per hour bumper to bumper. By the time we got there it was 7:00 pm. It would have been fine however if the entrance to Stonehenge didn’t close at 6:00pm.  One of the guards on the side gate felt sorry for us and told us we could get pretty close by walking through the sheep farm adjacent to Stonehenge.  It was fun to walk amidst the sheep. It was kind of a fun adventure and we did get close enough to have some wonderful memories of sheep and Stonehenge.


We were only twenty minutes from Jacks parents house. We gave them a call and they said they would love to see us all. Jacks parents were wonderful, and welcomed us with opened arms and high tea and an amazingly beautiful strawberry whipped cream crumpets. “You’re in England darling,” his mom insisted, “You’ve got to have at least one high tea!” I have to admit it looked incredibly inviting. I figured what the hell. The sweets in London aren’t as filled with sugar as the sweets in the US. So, that was my excuse to have two of those tasty little things.  After some getting to know each other, talking about her dog, horse, daughter and just life, we were best friends. It was a great visit and we were back on the road. By this time, it was 10:00pm. The drive back was much faster than the drive up and we were back in London by 11:30. All in all it was a great experience and a great day!