05 Oct

Hard to believe that I’ve actually written one hundred blogs! When I was a kid I had fun writing in my diary. I think writing a blog is kind of like keeping a diary. Only you let everyone see it. For my readers who’ve kept up with my blogs for the past two…almost three years, thank you! You know all about what I do, who I am, my family and my life. I am now four months away from turning seventy-four and looking back on my blogs I’ve done a lot to help anyone who will listen get healthier and happier. I’ve even gotten healthier myself along the way. In re-reading my posts I am reminded of how much happier I’ve become in the past two years…especially in my relationships. This happiness is a result of working to remove my judgemental thoughts about everyone and everything. I also learned to release with love. That took practice. You can always release being pissed off at a person or situation but to release with love is an acquired taste that leaves one happier and at peace with whatever the situation might be. Maybe I’ve been able to do this because I’m getting older and I recognize there just isn’t any time for being pissed off in my life. It was such a waste of time, energy and I only hurt myself when I did that. So, be gone being pissed off! Be gone wasting time on wasting time with people who don’t have positive energy! Be gone unloving, un-tuned in ones. And hello to all who actually want to make the best of themselves. I support that one hundred percent. Now, if only I could get my drawers and closets cleared out. Why do I fall in love with my clothes? More about this soon.