13 Oct

Today we started shooting the Classic Bikini Divas documentary on The Journey to Olympia. We have four weeks to be fit and ready for the biggest competition of the year. I have an injury which is temporarily stopping me from working out my lower body. I was getting my photo taken on a horse when the barn hand opened the corral and the heavy metal gate swung opened hitting my hip while I was looking off in another direction.  It really didn’t hurt much when it happened, but I’ve had pain on the back side of my hip ever since that night. Of course one of the most important parts  I need to work on (to firm up as best as I can) is my butt.  I will just have to heal myself in the next couple of days.  After all, everything starts in the mind.  So my plan is to meditate (instead of medicate), eat cleanly, and do whatever I can to work my upper body until I’m healed.  I am also shooting a short documentary of my own (which I will put up soon) so you can watch me go through this journey.