11 Oct

So, I mentioned this 2 blogs ago… I lack the ability to clean out my draws and closets with out saying, “Oh I love that, I have to keep it”.  This is what I typically say about something I haven’t worn in years.  But it’s sooo cute and I know I will get the opportunity to wear it soon…maybe.  My problem is not that I have too much, it’s that I need a walk-in closet.  I have clothes for working out, going out, going to a fancy affair, and walking a red carpet. Things I’ve picked up on all my travels.  Things for Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring… and the beat goes on. Well, I take a stand right now!  I will go through a drawer or two, and a section of one of my closets, (yes I said one of my closets) and get rid of things I absolutely don’t wear.  I will also get rid of things that no longer feel age appropriate for me to wear.  If you’re facing this challenge too, do it with me.  Let me know your method and how you are doing.  Maybe I’ll make a video about my progress.  Maybe some of you may want my give always. Hey maybe we can trade?   No, no forget that! I’m trying to lighten my load. … and so it is.