05 Oct

I am so excited to be shooting again! I have a new assistant to help me with all the shooting planned for the next few months.  So stay tuned for all the action.  I plan on doing a series of short videos on new things I’ve found out about in health and fitness; a funny little sketch comedy called “The Alta Cacas”, with my husband Jeff, and (if we can pull it off) a dance number called the “Double Take Tango”.  Happily, my husband is very busy working so we will have to fit these in where we can.  I am also shooting a short documentary on getting ready for the INBA’s International Olympia Competition. Which will be coming up this November in Las Vegas.  Plus, Babs and I will continue shooting our “Classic Bikini Diva” show.  Most of this will be posted on my website.  I’ll be sure to give you all a heads up as we go along so you can follow me as I take my journey to winning another Gold Medal Internationally. Well, at least that’s what I’m visualizing!