20 Oct

In my last blog I wrote about how my new assistant, Tatiana, was going to shoot and edit all of my up coming videos.  I was really excited to find someone who could do all of this. Well, it turns out she got another position that whisked her out of my working life. I’m always happy when others get what they desire.  She was very honorable and said she would do what she could for one day before her other job started. Then I thought, “What about me and the rest of the shoots I’d planned?”  Then I remembered that I am always blessed to find the perfect answer in every situation. This one left me wondering for a while.  After receiving the news I took a deep breath and said, “Okay Spirit, who are you going to bring me that can do all of this?” A couple of days past and then I got the idea of asking my granddaughter, Kennedy, if she would like to take on the job.  After all, she’s in film school studying to be a director.  She has all the qualifications needed. I never thought to ask her before because she has a job, just started college and I thought her days were full. Turns out she goes to school two days a week and her other job starts at 3:00pm. She loved the idea and I was thrilled she said yes.  I love working with her! It’s always great to be around family.