30 Nov

Thanksgiving has passed, and the Birthdays begin! The day after Thanksgiving is my wonderful husband Jeff’s Birthday. His maneger’s Birthday is on the same day. We had a small family dinner at Hugo’s. One of Jeff’s favorite places, where I was able to hand off my son-in-law’s Birthday gift to him. I told him he couldn’t open it until his Birthday, which is in two days. Followed by my granddaughter Kennedy’s on the first of December. Which is also our anniversary. And, right after that is my BFF Babsie’s Birthday.


My mom (in spite of the radiation treatments) enjoyed her spaghetti dinner and the company. It seems like she does great at being social. But as soon as we get home she is exhausted and hardly makes it into bed before I help her with her pj’s. I’m dealing with all that’s going on but I’m actually finding my energy is really down right now.