23 Nov

One week away from the final competition of the year and I think I’m feeling ready. Haven’t gotten sick this year, haven’t hurt myself and I’m feeling pretty confident. This year I can feel myself being a little more tired than the past four years prior. I really don’t think it’s age creeping up on me I feel it’s more that it is the energy that is being zapped by me and my thoughts about my mother’s upcoming radiation treatments. It is so important for me to keep up my morning meditations and prayers at this time. The energy from doing that really keeps me going in a positive direction. I’m excited to be representing Team USA in this International Competition and I’m also glad that Bab’s and I decided to just compete in the Bikini Diva category and leave the Sports Model out. We just found out that we are competing on Friday instead of Saturday, which was the day we had competed in the last four years. So this year we don’t have the relaxing time we usually take before the competition. But, the good news is we will be ready and awake for the award ceremony where we are usually dragging our asses. Plus, we will have plenty of time to pack up out things on Saturday. Instead of being rushed on Sunday mornings. So, all is good.