04 Dec


My husband’s entire family is still living in Milwaukee. Sadly, we spent our anniversary flying to Wisconsin to my husband’s brother Jim’s memorial. We wound up spending our anniversary with Jeff’s brother Dave and actually had a wonderful dinner and a lot of laughs together.

The next day we went to visit my sister-in-law Judy’s husband Gary in rehab. Usually this would be a conservative time, a quiet, caring, loving visit.  Especially since he was having a challenge breathing from his COPD, (chronic  obstructive pulmonary disease) But, I was with the Doucettes. The room was filled with laughter from the moment we entered the room. Each one of us jumping at the chance for a punch line.  Gary was laughing so hard I was afraid all the laughter would kill him. He was right in there with us taking the punch line when ever he could. He laughed so much he actually went to the bathroom for the first time in four days (TMI) and thanked us for that. You could imagine how many laughs we got out of that.  As we were leaving he said he felt so much better. Laughter really can heal.