I created Saba’s AUTOSIZE© because of my busy life. I had kids, a career, and absolutely no time to work out. I had danced since I was a kid, so keeping in shape was a really important priority to me. But how was I to keep it that way? I was now actively writing, producing, and directing while running a production company. Where on earth would I find the time?

Another thing that I noticed as I got older was that when I wasn’t in shape it was harder to do the things I loved doing. Not only did I have a busy schedule, but I also had kids and now Grandkids. Isn’t it funny that when life fills up, the first thing you let go of is keeping yourself in shape? That’s kind of like buying an expensive car and never putting oil in it or taking it to the car wash. This does not compute. I found that I just didn’t have the time to get to the gym anymore. One day, I realized that I hadn’t been to the gym in a year, and here’s how it all happened…

As I sat in my car waiting for the kids to come out of school, I was thinking what a waste of time it was, just sitting there doing nothing (back then, there were no cell phones!). I got out the car, put my hands on the hood, and stretched my back. That felt good. When I got back in the car and the kids still weren’t there, I started thinking about my workouts at the gym and how I missed them. I reached for a tissue in a box on the floor on the passenger side and turned it into a stretch. Then my mind went into creative mode. I started thinking, “I wonder how many things I can use in the car to help with a work out?”

I grabbed the steering wheel and put pressure on my chest and arms. To my surprise, it felt just like working out with the equipment at the gym. My kids were a little late that day, so I had fun playing in my car and creating Saba’s AUTOSIZE©. As I did the workout, I visualized myself in my own little private gym. I felt great!



That was a long time ago. Doing an AUTOSIZE© exercise now is like second nature to me. Any time I have a spare minute in the car, I’m working out. And the greatest part of it is, it hasn’t taken any extra time to do it. Through the years people have always asked, “How do you stay in such great shape?” I always say, “I’m blessed!”

A short while ago, a salesman was at our home. He told me he really wanted to get rid of the spare tire he was developing around his tummy. You know, that paunch that seems to drop on to guys from the ever-present world of “Where the heck did this come from?” Anyway, he said that the problem was that he spent most of his time in his car driving from job to job, and by the time he got home, the last thing he wanted to do was to go out again to the gym.

Time was crunching his life. I said, “You should AUTOSIZE©”. Wow, it just rolled out of my mouth, AUTOSIZE© – I liked it; I told him about how I had created it and why. Then I showed him a few of the exercises. I didn’t think much of it but, then he came back in a few weeks raving about how “this stuff really works!” He actually said, “You should write a book!” And the rest is history. I’ve only told a few people over the years a little about Autosizing©. Now I’ve decided to tell everyone all about it because this is just too good to keep to myself.

It’s just amazing how the minutes add up. If you live in an area where there are train crossings, or in Las Vegas, where the traffic lights are at least five minutes long, you will have the time to do a lot more Autosizing. A couple of minutes here, and a couple of minutes there, at a light, or at a stop sign, just a minute after you park, or while your car is warming up. These minutes add up to a really good workout and the healthy, beautiful body you’ve been dreaming about. It works for me, it works for others, and it will work for you!

People have been known to do just about anything in their cars. They eat, sleep, carry on phone conversations, do business, put on makeup, shave; some people even live in their cars. Instead of being bored while sitting there waiting for a light to change, picking your kids up from school, karate, or the many other things you wait for, do a workout! You’re just sitting there anyway. Get off that cell phone and do something legal. Next time you are just sitting in the car waiting, tell your girfriend/ boyfriend, husband/wife, “Take your time honey, I’ll just be in the car.” And Saba’s AUTOSIZE© will replace your impatience with a better body and a happier significant other.


A wonderful practice that has helped millions of people achieve better and more prosperous lives is visualization, something I’ve been using for years. I truly believe that you can use your mind to create anything you desire in your life. In the past few years since I have incorporated visualization into my life to achieve desired goals, my life has become a much smoother ride. It used to be like a roller coaster; now it’s like the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland – relaxing, and smooth sailing all the way.

Using your mind to help you create your perfect, healthy body is a great bonus to working out. That is why I put the two together in a precise way with Saba’s AUTOSIZE©, when you use the power of visualization for the body you desire while you are Autosizing, you will accomplish your results more rapidly and effortlessly.

So, whatever you want for yourself is what you will manifest. With Saba’s AUTOSIZE©, I will break down the workout and give you visualizations before each exercise, teaching you exactly how to make this process work for you, as you build your better, healthier body. So let’s get started, and remember to have fun as you “Drive Yourself to a Better Body, with Saba’s AUTOSIZE©”.

Do not do this workout while the car is in motion. We take no responsibility for accidents while doing Saba’s AUTOSIZE©.