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Who Farted?

17 Oct

Up in the air flying to Milwaukee, working on my cookbook. Taking short breaks to get to know the young college students sitting next to me.  Kortney with a K and Martin not Marty. They are going to see the Packer’s playing the San Diego Chargers in Green Bay. Actually, most of the people on this plane are doing […]


06 Jul

How to start off the 4th of July weekend with fireworks from my heart! Friday at 6:30 pm as I was settling in for a cozy evening, there’s a knock at the door. It was a delivery. A big box. It was my book! I didn’t expect it to be here until next Wednesday – […]

Grateful Changes

08 Jun

When changes come sometimes my timing gets thrown off. I’ve just recently had some major changes. With my step daughter Molly visiting; my office became her bedroom. Now I have become displaced – working on the dining room table or out on the patio. I’m kind of spread out all over. On top of all […]


03 Jun

After taking the judges workshop in Vegas at the last competition, I decided to practice my judging in Phoenix for the America’s Naturals Competition. The trip was a whirlwind, both fun and exhausting. But not what I expected at all. I flew to Phoenix in the morning and arrived at the motel; just missing breakfast. […]


16 Mar

Four weeks to go until my first competition of the year. Between you and I, I’ve been struggling since the beginning of the year. I had these self doubting thought of being ready. Coming back from my oral surgery on December 31st was harder than I thought it would be. Not being able to eat […]

I’M 72, OR IS IT 38?

10 Mar

And as far as now being seventy two years old. I just don’t get it? I still feel thirty Eight. Which by the way I was for twenty years. I don’t know I guess I just liked that age so I stayed there. I guess what is keeping me feeling youthful is my lifestyle. Getting […]


15 Oct

Haven’t been able to write a blog for a while because I’ve been down with a bad case of bronchitis. And if that’s not bad enough my TMS (Tension Myosidis Syndrome) kicked in after eight years of having a bout with that. Today, after three weeks of coughing and back pain, I’m finally on the […]


07 Aug

I’m so excited to see the first article about me! It’s actually out there so everyone can read about me. I’m now one step closer to my dream of being out there on talk shows spreading the word that it’s never too late to be fit and healthy. No matter what age you start at. […]