Saba is a 78 yr. old Bikini Diva / Sports Model & Anti-Aging Expert whose mission is to inspire people to be Fit For Life by using visualizations and affirmations, along with exercise routines. Think it, Do it, Be it!

What A Way To End 2015 – Saba Remains Undefeated!

Saba takes the gold! Saba remains undefeated at the Team USA and INBA Natural Olympia competitions! She competed and took home the gold in both the Bikini Divas and Sports Model categories.

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04 Dec

  The day had come. The room was filled with people for my brother-in-law jim’s memorial. He wanted everyone who loved him to have a big ole party in his honor. To laugh a lot, tell stories, dance, drink and remember the good times with Jim and everyone did just that. The dinner party at […]


04 Dec

  My husband’s entire family is still living in Milwaukee. Sadly, we spent our anniversary flying to Wisconsin to my husband’s brother Jim’s memorial. We wound up spending our anniversary with Jeff’s brother Dave and actually had a wonderful dinner and a lot of laughs together. The next day we went to visit my sister-in-law […]


30 Nov

Thanksgiving has passed, and the Birthdays begin! The day after Thanksgiving is my wonderful husband Jeff’s Birthday. His maneger’s Birthday is on the same day. We had a small family dinner at Hugo’s. One of Jeff’s favorite places, where I was able to hand off my son-in-law’s Birthday gift to him. I told him he […]


25 Nov

It’s amazing what some people call lemons in their lives. Some people are having a bad day, they consider that a lemon of a day. Maybe you get a flat tire, or in an accident, or maybe the flue. Now there’s a week’s worth of lemons That would be considered a lemon of a day […]


23 Nov

Excited as can be to take home the Gold once more. That’s four years in a row I took home the gold Internationally! It should have been an amazingly exciting time for me but my mind was on my mom and my brother in law.  My mom will be starting radiation treatments as soon as […]